Who Are We?

Get To Know Us A Little

Riveting Artistry studio is a sole proprietor design firm that specialises in Carnival costume designs for the World of Mas. Our company is located in Woodbrook, Trinidad and Tobago and we are in the process of opening another establishment in Fort Lauderdale, Miami. This company has been in operation for the past 13 years and continues to challenge the creativity and work ethics of fellow designers. Our designs have been show cased in Carnival parades in Notting Hill London, St Thomas, Atlanta Georgia, New York, Miami, The British Virgin Islands, Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. We pride ourselves on being a successful and thriving company that has a great influence on both the local and international Carnival industries.

What Is Our Secret to Success?

Over the past 13 years we have experimented with the implementation of varying job descriptions. Presently, we are a fully operational firm made up of a creative director, a senior designer, designers, entry-level designers, an account manager and a finance director. By limiting the amount of demanding roles within the company we have established a great sense of communication and productivity flow. Thus, the processes involved from design conceptualisation to distribution are completed within a timely and professional manner without conflicting ideas and issues causing unnecessary delays.

Meet The Genius Behind Our Designs

One of the more important roles in our company is that of the Creative Director. According to the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the Creative Director is “Responsible for all creative operations for a specific group of accounts to include staff supervision and work product”. This means the creative director has the ability to delegate to the design staff to deliver the client’s wishes while controlling any conflicts that may arise within the workspace or with clients. He or she also has the responsibility of ensuring the company maintains its standards and ethics to consumers. At our company the very talented Richard Dookhdeen Hall has the privilege of holding the title of Creative Director.

Some of his responsibilities include:

  • Effectively conveying the client’s vision to staff while providing them with leadership and motivation.
  • Ensures the production of work is done in a timely manner to ensure that earnings, profits and growth is achieved.
  • Oversees creative consultations with the accounts department to assure creative strategies, accuracy of input, budgets, schedules and client presentations.
  • Provide detailed cost estimated and information to ensure accurate planning of budgets
  • Plans and develops budget recommendations, production goals and training requirements to ensure profitability and quality service to consumers.
  • Ensure the accounts team is aware of the use of materials and external services to ensure accurate and billing.
  • Assures that staff adheres to the company’s policies and code of ethics.
  • Trains and oversees staff on their execution of work so that production stays on budget and schedule.

The role of Creative Director has a huge significance to the running of the company and progress in our design concepts. This position allows for creativity, quality control, concept justification, consistency and ego management that aid the company in running effectively and professionally.

  1. Creativity- Although this seems straight forward, the Creative Director is the most experienced designer on the team. Therefore, he is the person who provides design solutions and motivation when the creative flow is low and deadlines are near.
  2. Quality Control- It is the Creative Director’s job to ensure that the appropriate and best quality materials are utilised so the client receives a high quality product.
  3. Concept Justification- This key element makes a Creative Director irreplaceable to a design firm. It is their job to ensure that clients understand the design direction being taken and to assure them that the final outcome will generate profits.
  4. Consistency- In our company consistency is easier for the Creative Director to achieve because the final designs are not passed through a large number people before reaching the consumers. In this way they ensure the final outcome provides the client with their wish list while exploring daring design elements.
  5. Ego Management- This quality means the Creative Director is able to inspire and motivate the design staff if products are not well received and a design redo is needed.


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Interviews with Richard Dookhdeen Hall and Anthony Hall, owners of Richard Anthony Productions and Concepts

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