Our Code

Our Code Of Ethics

“A code of ethics is a set of statements about appropriate and expected behaviour of members of a professional group and, as such, reflects its values” The Early Childhood Australia (2006). Our code of ethics outlines our values and objectives on the running of the company, the ethical principles to be upheld by staff and the standard of which designers problem solve.

There is no defined set of rules in which a Code of Ethics should follow, it is entirely based on the company and their definition of right and wrong conduct expected of their employees. Our code of ethics is meant to establish the boundaries of an even playing field among designers and clients. “It is intended to provide protection for both designers and clients from unethical business practices and the havoc that can be caused by unwitting ignorance” (AGDA Communications).


  • Under the Code
  • Responsibility to fellow designers and to clients
  • Safety and the Work Environment
  • Responsibility to the Company
  • Responsibility to the Public
  • Responsibility to the Environment
  • Supplier Conduct
  • Creative Ownership
  • Conduct off the Job
  • Putting the Code to Practice


  1. All employees are expected to read and abide by the Code of Ethics, as well as to seek guidance or report event of disobedience to the Code.
  2. All managers and supervisors are expected to lead by example and to create an environment where employees are able to voice concerns when needed.


The way in which we treat and interact with each other and our clients defines the perception of our company and products. Our reputation is not simply built on product quality but on communication in the workplace and customer relationships.

  1. All employees and clients are to be treated with respect and consideration. Any form of disrespect or abusive behaviour, whether verbal or physical, to either fellow designer or client, related to conflict of ideas, race, religion, gender, cultural background, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other form of discrimination shall not be tolerated. These forms of harassment include those done in person or via cell phone, emails or any other electronic device.
  2. Information about employees or clients are not to be exploited or used for any unauthorised purpose.
  3. We are committed to being truthful and not misleading about our products. Important factual information communicated or recorded via documents, design briefs, sales records, time sheets or medical records should not be omitted or manipulated.
  4. This company values its employees and clients and therefore all individuals are treated with equal opportunities. All forms of ‘special treatment’ shall not be tolerated. It is our duty to hire, train and promote individuals based on ability and potential without regard to a person’s race, religion, gender, cultural background, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status or any other form of discrimination.
  5. We are devoted to providing the necessary facilities for both employees and clients with disabilities. If these facilities are unsatisfactory, please feel free to notify us any recommendations.


  1. The safety of our staff and customers are our top priority. We are dedicated to providing a secure work environment that is in accordance to safety regulations as well as implement necessary safety procedures in cases of emergency.
  2. We strive to create products that are not hazardous to our clients. All materials used are tested and ensured not to cause harm.
  3. We have a great respect for the environment, therefore we are committed to reducing any negative impact our production process or products has on the environment.
  4. Any use of illegal drugs or alcohol shall not be permitted on the company’s compound. Also reporting to work under the influence of any illegal drugs or alcohol shall not be tolerated.
  5. We respect our employees and customers privacy. This privacy shall not be breeched unless there is cause for concern or reports that affect the company’s reputation.


  1. We believe in upholding a relationship based on trust between our employees. The company’s compound, equipment, documents, software, supplies and samples are to be safeguarded by employees and only used for the benefit of the company.
  2. Our brands and trademarks are extremely important to us as it serves as the only form of ownership we possess over our products in the event of copyright issues. All employees are obligated to protect the company’s assets and report any sign of theft or imitated work.
  3. Designs and knowledge of our products and its production process are considered assets of the company and divulging this information to clients or competitive branches shall not be tolerated.
  4. All documentation, design briefs and sales records should be accurately recorded. Any form of negligence shall not be tolerated.


  1. All employees are permitted to respect all follow the laws of the country and any country in which the company conducts business.
  2. The company’s documents and trade secrets are to be kept private from the public’s knowledge.
  3. The company will assign a designated spokesperson to conduct interviews with the media. If any employee is approached by the media a ‘no comment’ statement should be issued or you may redirect them to your superior.
  4. We strive ourselves in maintaining fair play with our competitor. Communication with competitive brands concerning products, pricing or marketing shall not be tolerated.
  5. Employees are permitted from offering gift, payment or special treatment to potential or loyal clients in an effort to maintain sales, nor should any employees accept payment or gifts from clients.


  1. All employees shall take into consideration the economic, social, environmental and social undertone of their work.
  2. Projects shall not be accepted that violates the human or property rights of others
  3. Employees shall not make use of materials that knowingly cause harm to our clients, society and environment.


  1. We ensure that all suppliers adhere to the laws of discrimination, human rights, employment , health and safety and the environment of their country or the countries in which they operate.
  2. Suppliers are expected to treat workers with respect and ensure that they are paid fare wages.
  3. We do not encourage the implementation of child labour.
  4. Suppliers are expected to respect the environment an therefore, take notice of their production method effects on their surrounding.


  1. We value an equal work field with equal opportunities for all employees. Therefore, employees are not to accept full ownership of a design that was a collaboration with fellow designers.
  2. If a design was the result of a collaboration, each designer is obligated to divulge the elements in the design which he or she contributed.


  1. The respect the privacy of our employees, however they are expected to uphold the Code when in positions to disrupt the company’s reputation, outside of the workplace. For example, harassment towards fellow employees or clients  outside of the workplace shall not be tolerated.


  1. All employees shall feel free to discuss any work related issues or concerns with your superior.
  2. We encourage all employees to speak openly to their superior about work related issues and ensure that all information divulged shall remain confidential.
  3. If any employees has any issues or suggestions for the Code of please feel free to speak make a report to your superior for consideration.

The Code of Ethics for Riveting Artistry Studio was based off of the Code for L Brands, which is an American Fashion retailer with brands such as Henri Bendel, Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. As well as the DVF Studio, LLC Suppliers Code of Conduct. These are companies have managed to retain their well known status within the fashion industry, which makes them viable candidates to use as inspiration to maintain a successful work environment. The L Brands Code speaks to the impact employees have on each other, on clients, on the environment and on the company’s reputation. Similar to their outlines, we have measure put in place to ensure a healthy work space, great communication between employees and with clients, a respect for the society and environment, a respect for the company and practicing an honest and cooperative approach to design. We have also taken great inspiration for the DVF Studio, LLC Code for suppliers. In which both companies have set boundaries in place to ensure that suppliers are not involved in illegal production methods and that fair production, treatment and payments are being practiced.

However, some companies such as Nike differ in Code regulations. For example, our company disapproves of any form of special treatment and the giving or receiving of gift from clients, while Nike allows for gifts to be offered or received once it is under the amount US$200, since unaccepting the generosity of a client might disrupt the client based relationship and hurt the business. Also, even thought our Code is similar to the L Brands, we disagree with their rule to terminate employment of employees, who may have acted inappropriately toward fellow employees, even if intended as a joke or under the heat of the moment. Our views differ on this idea since we believe in and promote growth, not jus though talent but thought character, thus second chances are rewarded once their is evidence that the matter was resolved or was not serious in nature.

A Significant Dot In The Global Sphere Of Design

In relation to the Global Professional Sphere we consider our company to be the most sought after Manufacturing and Supply Company of Carnival costumes. This title of “The largest Exporters of Carnival” is in relation to the amount of offers we receive for production from so many countries across the globe. Obtaining this title took years of dedicated work for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival which eventually gained us clients throughout the Caribbean, which was obtained through word of mouth. However, in an attempt to reach a broader audience we had to dedicate time to develop a website and social media pages in order to get the attention of potential foreign clients. In order to cement our foreign appeal numerous trips abroad for meeting, negotiations, distribution of products and production alterations were made before we became a sought after costume design company. We believe that our products are unique and diverse in comparison to the outpouring of simply bikini and beads designs, which allowed us to obtain both local and foreign attention.


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